About the Book

Accelerating to Twilight contends that the future should be ours to define and explore in a Life Centered world, not spent in one of twilight, technological dominance and ever increasing human irrelevance. Using a wide ranging review of our progress and creative history in the application of technology, Greg Smith also clearly shows how we have reached physical, social, economic, spatial and even chemical limits in many of the key technological areas of our lives. We must change our fate and advocate for more meaningful jobs, social imperatives and a more secure future if we are to move past this ominous outlook. This thought provoking and challenging work lays the groundwork for a brighter tomorrow.

ISBN 978-1-5434-2633-5

About the Author

Greg Smith has traveled most of his adult life, professionally, for recreation and just to see over the horizon. People and the landscape are his passions and he is committed to work for the betterment of both through writing, advocacy and teaching people how to photograph the extraordinary world of nature and society. His education has been as diverse as his travels and he has taught formally in the US, Africa and the Middle East. He has found in all his travels that what is common among the people of the world is far greater than what is different, and in that lies the future.

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